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Smelly Coo wax melts shot pots are available in a variety of scents which will fill your rooms with lovely aromas. Our wax melts are hand-poured by us in our workshop in Glasgow. The hand made melts are highly scented and will fragrance your home beautifully. Here at Smelly Coo we only use high-quality wax and the finest fragrance oils ensuring a long-lasting fragrance.

Unsure of which scents to choose? Why not choose one of our best selling bundles which contain a variety of our most popular wax melts

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All of our wax melts are hand made in our factory in Glasgow, Scotland. Each scent has been carefully chosen to ensure a high-quality aroma fills your home. Your Smelly Coo wax melts can be remelted until the scent has burnt away or swapped for another if you like to change your scents more regularly.

How to use your Smelly Coo Wax Melt

Simply pop out your wax melt snap a piece off and place it into the dish of either a tea light wax burner or an electric one. Light your tea light or switch on the burner and wait for the aroma to fill your room.


Fresh, Dettol, Down Under, Baby Powder, Baby Soft, Kreed, Snow Faerie, Aliens, Invictus, Boss, Invictus, Caribbean Teakwood, Good Girl, Apple Cinnamon, 10 Random, Eventus, Refreshed, Miss Coco, Fresh Laundry, Pink Quartz Snowflake, Refreshed, Spring, Juicy Fruit, Savage, Blue Laundry, Citrus Fusion, Dazzling, Baccarat, Sea Breeze, Gods Gift, Bali Spa, Clean Linen, Bum Bum, Frosted Eucalyptus, Winter, Jingle Bells, Puppy Snuggles, Baby Bath, Mr Millions, Sugared Blossoms, Dreams, Soft Towels, Outdoor Fresh, Talco Rosa, Frescas, Spanish Spa, Frescas Baby, Cielo Azul, PJ Time, Brisa, Ropa Limpia, Opium, Miss Million, Tahiti, Goji Berry, Frosted Eucalyptus, 10 Random Snap Bars (waxident)

5 reviews for Wax Melts

  1. peter w

    These smell amazing, my stress is just melting away.. 🙂 excuse the pun hehe, thanks guys!

  2. Kayleigh (verified owner)

    Smells wonderful. Absolutely love all the wax melts from here. They are very strong and long lasting, will definitely buy again, thank you.

  3. Kerri

    Love the smell of the all the wax melts especially Bedtime baby and Snow Faerie, great value too.

  4. Tracey (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the wax melts, Room Sprays and Carpet Fresh all amazing and scents last for a long time, would highly recommend

  5. nadia

    all products are amazing the wax melts are the best ever and scent last for a long time would highly recommend!

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