Cool Mist Diffuser Oils


Smelly Coo Cool Mist Diffuser Oils have been formulated by us specifically for use in your Electric Mist Diffusers/Humidifiers. Simple add a few droppers full of the oil to the water inside your Electric Diffuser and enjoy as the aroma fills your room.

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These Cool Mist Diffuser Oils are handmade in our Glasgow Factory. These are made specifically for your Electric Mist Diffuser and not to be placed in wax or oil burners.

How to use your Diffuser Oils

Simply add a few droppers full to the water inside your Electric Mist Diffuser. Switch it on following your manufacturers instructions and enjoy the aromas. You can adjust the amounts of diffuser oil you are adding to the water depending on how strong you would like the scent.


Snow Faerie, Kreed, Baby Powder, Boss, Miss Coco, Fresh, Spring, Detol, Aliens, Invictus, Savage, Citrus Fusion, Small & Mighty, Mr Million, Miss Million, Baby Bath, Baccarat, Opium, Outdoor Fresh, Sugared Blossoms, Soft Towels, Dreams, Dove

1 review for Cool Mist Diffuser Oils

  1. Lynn

    Tried the Lost Red Berry and Fresh Laundry and wow they are amazing, love the scents and they fill my house – cant wait to try more

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