Smelly Coo Where It All Began

Smelly Coo is a small Scottish company based in Glasgow, it all started with us buying in products wholesale to sell in gift boxes. We quickly found out turnaround for wholesale wax melts, soap sponges and bath bombs became too slow for the demand and decided to look into producing these products ourselves. We started testing wax melts before moving on to other products such as soap sponges and room sprays.

We’re in the Forge!

All of our products are handmade by us in our Glasgow factory. We only use high quality fragrances to ensure great smelling products and in turn beautifully fragranced homes.

After a long period of testing we started selling at craft fayres in and around Glasgow. These were a success and we received great feedback which gave us the confidence to look for a more permanent location. This led us to taking on a stall in Glasgow’s famous Forge Market. We started with a 10ft by 8ft stall and quickly expanded by taking on the stall next to us too. We were really flabbergasted that the Glasgow folk were buying the products that we made and coming back for more although we believed in our own products, we found this amusing.

We’re Growing Quick!

We began making products at home, we turned the dining room into a small workshop, friends and family thought we were crazy but we were passionate about Smelly Coo and wanted to grow the business. The busier we became the need to find our own premises became greater. We moved into a small factory in Shettleston, Glasgow and quickly outgrew that. We then moved to bigger premises in Polmadie, Glasgow where we are at present.

We are absolutely loving life at Smelly Coo and plan on continuing to build our business…watch this space!